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SEAHORSE is a native technology driven company focused on ocean renewable energy. It is currently a resident company of the business incubator of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Founded by a researcher with Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering at Coppe/UFRJ, the company has its main activities focused on both research and design of ocean energy converters and desalination without the use of electricity. SEAHORSE has four patent records in the fields of generation of electricity and desalination by ocean waves and currents.

The company's main focus is the conversion of renewable energy from the ocean: waves, tides and currents. SEAHORSE develops conversion systems, selects installation locations and executes its construction, commissioning and maintenance. The target audience includes power, electric and/or oil companies, besides portuary activity companies and companies supporting the marine and offshore industry.

SEAHORSE has intellectual property records at the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) of the patents related bellow:

  • Hybrid Plant for Electricity generation from sea waves
    PI 0704656-1, Seahorse, 19/04/2007
  • Water Desalination System driven by sea waves energy
    PI 0704141-1, Seahorse, 01/11/2007
  • Blueprint for Electricity Generation and/or Desalination by Current's Hydraulic Turbines
    PI 0803419-2, Seahorse 04/09/2008
  • Blueprint for Electricity Generation Sea waves
SEAHORSE was founded in 2006. In 2010, it was incubated at UFRJ, coming from the research on ocean energy that started its activities 10 years ago. In 2001, a focused study on ocean renewable energy began at Coppe/UFRJ. It was based at the Submarine Technology Laboratory (LTS) and Waves and Currents Laboratory (LOC). In 2004, a master's thesis entitled "SEA WAVE ENERGY FOR ELECTRICITY GENERATION" was defended. It was the first thesis in Brazil to approach this subject. As a technology driven company, SEAHORSE maintains an appropriate environment for research and innovation.

Since its foundation, the company accumulates knowledge related to research on different concepts of converters for electricity generation by the ocean waves and for water desalination without the use of electricity. It has four patents at Brazilian, American and European offices and has participation in one patent already given to UFRJ. At Coppe/UFRJ, the company has followed the development of several academic works like master's dissertations, PhD thesis and technical and scientific articles.

In the first years of operation, SEAHORSE worked mainly with research and development (R&D), apart from giving consulting service in mechanical projects. During this period, it conceived, tested and placed four patents. Thereafter as the UFRJ's business incubator, the company has been working with strong participation in the project, manufacture and installation of a prototype for electricity generation by the sea waves. This prototype was installed at Port of Pecem , in the Northeastern coast of Brazil. This project was designed and commissioned by Coppe/UFRJ and sponsored by Tractebel Energia, an initiative of the R&D program of Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL).
Philosophy and Mission
As a driven technology company, the SEAHORSE's philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge investigation and the essence of the best.

SEAHORSE's mission is to being recognized in Brazil as a pioneer in development of technologies focused on clean ocean energy, aiming its use by society. The company profile is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), i.e., it conceives, designs, builds and installs renewable energy projects. Future vision: To become a partner in a joint venture with established business model, working on the development of the following activities:

  • Energy converters projects;
  • Numerical modeling and tank testing tests;
  • Hiring and managing suppliers;
  • Construction and installation of power plants.
Business Opportunities
SEAHORSE is open to understanding with investors and with electric generation or consumption companies. The company's main lines of business are:

  • Develop, test and install energy converters to attend different sites. The customers are companies that sell and/or consume energy in Brazil or abroad;
  • Develop, test and install desalination systems by sea energy converters without the use of electricity;
  • Make contracts for maintenance and replacement of components of these converters.

As noted, the projects associated to renewable energy from the sea have potential application not only in electricity generation and desalination, but also in refrigeration of fishes in remote sites. Other important factors are the environmental and social compensations, plus visibility in the media due to its pioneering technology.