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The technology for generating electricity from ocean waves was the most tested in the Laboratory of Ocean Technology (LabOceano), UFRJ. The application of this technology as a generation plant may happen through companies that consume and/or sell energy in Brazil and abroad.

SEAHORSE is a new company, which currently focuses on projects in R&D and offshore installation services related to the extraction of energy from waves, currents and desalination. The company's products are in different stages of development. They are known as converters to generate electricity and/or desalination by ocean waves and currents.
The main concepts are:

  • Onshore concept (converter in final adjustment phase at Ceará);
  • Nearshore concept (converter tested and with EVTE already elaborated);
  • Offshore concept (converter to deep waters – tests accomplished);
  • Concept of desalination by ocean energy (tests accomplished);
  • Concept of turbine to ocean current (tests accomplished).

The products related to SEAHORSE are singular character due to its pioneering role in Brazil. The company is located next to laboratories for adjustments and tests, which are important for the development phase of these technologies.

The highlight on competitors (only international) can be seen on the promising results reported in Technical and Economic Feasibility Study (EVTE). The tests in the physical models are performed in the UFRJ's laboratories, where the necessary adjustments are also made.